Curriculum Vitae
Daniele Raccichini
Fashion Designer


Personal details

Place of birth: Porto San Giorgio (AP)
Date of birth: 23.11.1982
Nationality: Italian
Marital Status: Single
Home/ Term Address: XXX XXXXXXXXX XX, XXXXX Milano (MI), Italy


Work experiences

Gianni Versace Spa, Milan (MI), Italy

  • 11 January 2011/today: Senior Womenswear Designer for  Versace Jeans collection.

Womenswear designer focused on luxury denim and contemporary collections. Expert in illustrations of total looks, technical sketches with specifications of details, construction and fit to explain each item to the pattern maker; fabric selection and development with an eye to target costs. Create colour cards and inspiration moodboards looking for images on internet/ books/ magazines/ pictures .Team work with Creative Director, Design Coordinator, Assistant Designer and Graphic Designer; communication with Product Office, Technical Team and suppliers. Partecipate at the fitting sessions following and modifying own designs. Choice and achievement of graphics for placed, panel or all-over prints and personalized jacquard fabrics. Achievement of hardware for clothing, embellishments, labels and little personalizations on Illustrator and Photoshop. Styling of the collection for lookbooks, catalogues and presentations.


Diesel Spa, Molvena (Vi), Italy

  • 15 May 2007/ 3o August 2010: Junior Womanswear Designer for the casual luxury brand “Diesel Black Gold”
  • 4 April 2005/ 14 May 2007: Junior Womanswear Designer for “Diesel Fashion”
  • 13 December 2004/3 April 2005: Stage at Diesel Female department as Designer Assistant.

Through this first experience, he gets in touch with work world, with its methods and schedules, improving his own knowledges and skills about style and design, collection developing, patterns, fabrics, colours and prints, research and styling.




  • July/ September 2009: costumes and styling for project  “L’ Attesa” with photographer Dido Fontana
  • October 2009/ February 2010: costumes and styling for photo/video project “Phyllium Elegance” with art director Valentina Cameranesi Sgroi, photographer Maria Giulia Giorgiani and filmmaker Matteo Duranti;
  • March/ April 2010: costumes and styling for project “Imilozi” with photographer Maria Giulia Giorgiani.


Education and qualifications

Istituto Europeo di Design (European Design Institute), Rome, Italy

July 2003: his school leaving certificate as fashion designer shows a final mark of 100/100 cum laude. During his three-years course, he learns and improves some practical and theorical knowledges

  • pret-à-porter and couture design;
  • sportswear and streetwear design;
  • textile design;
  • paper patterns;
  • accessories design;
  • illustration techniques

He also highlights interests on:

  • photography;
  • styling;
  • graphic design.

For the final school event, he realizes two female pret-à-porter total looks which take part in “IED Fashion Lab parade “900th century icons” mentioned in High Fashion Rome 2003 calendar.

Liceo Artistico statale, Porto San Giorgio (AP), Italy

He obtains his school leaving certificate (final mark 94/100) on 2000, after a 4 years long course (2 years for architectural specialization).


Other Skills & Interests

Good knowledge of English (writing and reading)
Computer skilled user (pc and mac), graphic programs and design (Photoshop, Illustrator & inDesign).